Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Exciting news,a card by Jacki & Freebie!!!

I am feeling excited this week! Apparently a commercial director got hold of my card made for a friend and he liked my drawings particularly this one. He requested for us to meet up and he wants me to do some storyboard sketches for a commercial he's directing. A storyboard sketch is a sequence drawings of scene by scene of how a director wants the character or objects to act or be shown in a movie, comic animation or in this case, a commercial. One doesn't have to be a professional artist to be a storyboard illustrator because some director requires only rough black and white or pencil drawings. It could also be a full time or part time job. I'm still thinking about the proposal because I don't have any experience yet for this kind of work and I don't know if I could dedicate the amount of time for the job. Sometimes, according to him he would require 20 drawings for a day. But this is a one time opportunity for me. Mixed feelings but I think I'll give it a try?
About my digis, here's one talented crafter who made a card using my Doll freebie! Yehey!!! She's Jacki and she made a very pretty monochromatic card using denims and laces. I love her use of the different shades of blue for this one. You can check out more about her card here

I also have another freebie for you called Rose. She's available for download until August 31, 2012. Hope you like her.


If you made any creation using my images, please inform me so I could also feature them on my blog. Remember your comments inspire me.



Beryl said...

Many congratulations Cleah on this fab offer of a job. I hope you give it try - nothing ventured - nothing gained as they say. No ordinary job either. I wish you the best of uck with it and hope you can fit it in with your lifestyle and enjoy it too.
Beryl xx
ps Thank you for this fab image - just another example of your great artistry.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a fantastic opportunity. I hope you shake of the nerves and give it a shot. Most artists spend years looking for these kinds of opportunities. I'm sure you'll do just great. And, as always, thanks for the freebies!
Lisa D.

Sonia said...

Cleah love this images, thanks

Jacki Daniels said...

Cleah thank you showing my card I am so glad you liked what I did with her she is adorable and I loved colouring her
Thank you as well for this one I am sure I will be using very soon
Congrats on news too I wish you every success with it and I know you can do it go girl!!!!
Hugs Jacki xx

Laura said...

Beautiful drawing...thanks so much.

Suze said...

Go for it Cleah. It s an awesome opportunity. Thanks for Rose - she is lovely. I love your quote at the top of the page (synonym). Hugs Suze

Katya said...

Thank you very much for your wonderful drawing/digi.

Anonymous said...

the card from Jacki is beautiful.
your Rose is beautiful and this was such a kind gesture of you to offer her up to us all :) Thankyou so much. You are an amazingly talented artist!Keep up the fabulous work.I wish you many more creative years of inspiration!!Have a wonderful and creative day.sending hugs of comfort across the miles

Gail said...

Thank you for the cute rose gal - it is greatly appreciated

Theresa said...

Just found your blog and I love it. thank you for the image you posted. It is great.
You can thank "Free digital stamps" for directing me here.
You really should have your "Follow" gadget higer on your site. I almost gave up before I found it and became a follower.

Lisa Lynn said...

This is adorable, thanks.

Anonymous said...

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