Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Glam Rock Theme Party

My goddaughter Kira, celebrated her 18th birthday last October and the party's theme is "glamrock" with an explosion. Her nickname is Kira Boom, hence the theme explosion. She requested for a ticket stub for her invitation. I made some digital stars, arranged them like waves and decorated with silver glitters. This is what I came up with :
                                                                     Front of the card
The Inside Part with the inserts: 18 Fashionistas, 18 K's (18,000 in currency), 18 Bombs(revelations) & 18 Shots (Wine toast). I decorated the outside pocket with metal & gem studs for the rock appeal.

I also made star tags for the mini bomb cake give-aways. My sister Barbie made the big bomb cake and the mini bomb cupcakes for the event using teal as the theme color because it's Kira's favorite color.
                                                            Here's the Big Bomb Cake:
Here are the mini bomb cupcake giveaways with the ribbons and star tags:

                                                   Here's the star of the show on stage:
                                            Her cute dog also all glammed-up for the night:
I also made an "explosion box" with a gift card holder in the middle as my gift for her. But instead of a gift card, I inserted money because I'm one of the 18 K's listed on the invitation inserts. My card's theme is travel because the gift money she'll be receiving will be used for a trip to Australia.  I got the idea from Scrap & Stamp Arts Magazine-March 2010 Issue found on pages 24-27.

                      The surprise on her face when she opened my gift! I'm glad she loved it.

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